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Download Jack Rubinacci’s latest album for free (as in beer)

Published: 2008-04-25 14:04:31

NRK Oslofjord interviewed artist Jack Rubinacci yesterday. Apparently he is in Norway promoting his debut album, which is out now (and being played a lot on the radio, at least here in Norway). What was interesting was, however, the way he had decided to make his music available.

The album is available, in its entirety, as MP3 files from his web site. The ZIP file is complete with printable album art. Some artists make some music available, but it is not that often that entire albums are made available like this. The question is however how he is going to make money from it – I guess he’s hoping that the more people having heard his music, the more people will come to see him live in concert. Or pay for downloadable ring-tones and the like (but then again, most phones can use mp3s directly as ring-tones anyway).

I haven’t checked, but I assume that if you really like the album, you can also actually buy it on CDs in the regular music shops as well. If you really want to.

I did enjoy the album. I would even be happy to pay for it. Perhaps I can instead just spread the word about it instead.

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Jack is an amazing artist. You really should get a hard copy of the cd. It's glorious on surround sound.

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