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100/100 on the Acid 3 test

Published: 2008-03-27 07:03:06

Tim Altman writes that Opera reaches a 100/100 score on the Acid3 test, which, together with Safari makes it the first browser to do so, even if it in Opera’s case is an unreleased internal test build (“WinGogi” is one of the internal testing platforms used by the Core team to test the most bleeding edge code, without having to rely on any of the platform teams to supply a full user interface), and in Safari’s case is the version on the trunk of their version control system.

Reaching 100 doesn’t necessary need the test passed, as there are other criteria, and the posts are silent on whether those have been reached as well. Of course, just after Opera reached 100, Ian goes ahead and changes the tests, so it might take a few more builds before it reaches 100 again, but it is still great work, from both of the teams.

Now the race is on to be the first browser to actually release a public build with the changes, and to release a non-beta version that passes. And for the other browsers to catch up.

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