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Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD vs. EVD vs. whatever

Published: 2008-02-15 10:02:48

It seems that the first casualty of the high-definition video war has been declared. Reuters report that Toshiba is dropping HD DVD, after losing some high-profile names, such as Warner Brothers, earlier this year. This means that the fight now is between Sony’s Blu-Ray and China’s EVD.

In the HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray war, I was hoping Blu-Ray would win. Despite Blu-Ray being a bit more paranoid when it comes to region protection (but that can always be overridden), it was a more open format by using Java for the discs’ user interface, whereas HD DVD more or less required a full embedded Microsoft Internet Explorer to handle Microsoft street HTML. I haven’t read up enough on EVD to say which one of Blu-Ray and EVD is better, but it does seem that Blu-Ray has the advantage of being available everywhere already.

(via ITavisen and others)

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