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Netscape is dead, long live Netscape

Published: 2007-12-30 01:12:52

The Netscape browser is being discontinued. This was the first browser I used, I remember running version 1.2N back when I started at the university. At one time it was so synonymous with browsing the web that I managed to make the slip up of calling web pages “Netscape pages”, this was in 1995-1996, before I found and fell in love with the Opera browser.

I long stayed with Netscape version 3 because of its (IMHO) superior news client (I have a friend who, at least still a few years ago, swore to Netscape 1 for its news client), and that it didn’t use “flat” buttons in the UI. I later had to give up my fight against flat buttons, but I did continue to use the Netscae 3 news client for quite some time, only abandoning it for first slrn and later Opera’s mail client (M2).

It is sad to see such an old player leave the browser field, even if it has only been delivering a re-branded Mozilla lately, and we do have Mozilla as its rightful heir.

Netscape is dead, long live Netscape.

(via Opera Watch)

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