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Opera Mini for everyone (in Norway, that is)

Published: 2005-08-10 13:08:37

As some people have noticed (Google translation) there is something called "Opera Mini" browsing the web. There have apparently been some speculations, but now it has been announced officially:

"Opera Software today introduced Opera Mini (TM), a fast and easy alternative to Opera's mobile browser, allowing users to access the Web on mobile phones that would normally be incapable of running a full Web browser. This includes the vast majority (more than 700 million) of today's WAP-enabled phones around the world."

"The first company to take advantage of Opera Mini (TM) is Norway`s leading commercial television station, TV2. It has bundled Opera Mini (TM) with its mobile services in Norway to offer its viewers a complete mobile content package that includes a branded and advanced Web browser."

Great news. If you live in Norway, at least.

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