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Four-way browser comparison

Published: 2006-02-14 09:02:18

Security Pipeline is running an in-depth browser comparison between the new Internet Explorer 7 beta 2, Firefox 1.5, Opera 8.5 and the Interet Explorer shell Maxthon. Instead of focusing on a direct comparison between the different features in the browsers, they have let dedicated users of each of the browsers to write why they think “their” browser is the best and deserve to be used.

Well worth a read.

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It'd help if the Opera reviewer was a little more convincing when he says "I've rejoined the Opera fan club." This is a guy who followed along with all the Firefox hype; he goes on to point out some rather mundane features (oh yeah, the fact that Opera has a main bar, address bar and personal bar just wins me over completely...) and finishes by questioning Opera's viability in the desktop market. It's obvious that he doesn't understand our browser and that he secretly wishes he was reviewing Firefox instead.

Wait, so people can't like both Firefox and Opera?

Guess I'd better pick one to uninstall. Pity about all the website testing I won't be doing.

Or maybe it's that people can't change their minds?

So much for those "Switch" campaigns.

Or maybe it's not possible for someone to have both positive things to say and criticisms?

I'll have to remember that.

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