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Even more on the info panel

Published: 2007-06-06 13:06:09

Since the last post about the info panel, there haven’t been very many big changes. From the feedback received I have added some pieces of information that wasn’t in the last update — the info panel will now list the last modified time of the page or resource (if available, this entry will not show up for dynamically generated entries), and the time of the last download, i.e how recent your copy is.

I have also added some image meta data when you have an image open, as seen in the sample on the right. It will show the dimensions and bit depth of the image (the same information that you can currently retrieve by right-clicking the image and selecting “Image properties”). Not visible in this sample is that it will also display EXIF information, if available.

For all those of you who are waiting for a version with this updated panel to be available, I recommend you to head to the desktop team’s blog, as hopefully they will announce a build from the branch code-named “Kestrel”, which should contain these updates.

Stay tuned.

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Great news. Everyone one is keen to get their hands on a developer release of Kestral. I'd ask what the planning timing for a release is but I'm sure the response is WIR. Michael

No, the response is IDK (I Don’t Know). I don’t work in the desktop team, so I don’t know all the details of their schedules (but then again, if I knew, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell anyway).

Can we expect to see the other changes in previous posts to appear in kestrel?

Yes, this is in addition to the previously mentioned changes.

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