forwarded message from Martin v. Loewis

From: Göran Uddeborg (
Date: 2002-01-01 18:16:33

Är det någon som känner för att sätta upp en spegel för
översättningsprojektets hemsida?

attached mail follows:

I've established a procedure for mirroring the Translation Project's
main files. Mirroring is complicated for two reasons:
- the only available access to DIRO is through HTTP; this rules out
  ftp mirrors
- some of the HTML files are CGI-generated.

The mirroring procedure is based on executing a Python script, namely

It retrieves the file

which is generated every 15 minutes. It then compares the time stamps
in the index file with the time stamps of the local copies, and
compares it with the local copies, and only retrieves new or changed
files. It currently never removes files that have disappeared from the

If you want to operate a mirror based on this procedure, please let me
know, so I can add it to the announcement messages sent by the robot.

The index currently contains just the data files (i.e. templates and
catalogs, and the TP robot sources).  If you want more files included
in the index, please let me know as well. Notice that for operating a
Web mirror, you'd need to integrate the CGI stuff of the TP into your
local web server.


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