Re: [util-linux] cal doesn't honor first_weekday value from locale
Date: 2001-11-29 19:43:24

> So. You think there should be more cases where first_weekday=7.
> Fair enough. 

> The question you've completely dodged so far is : *Which ones?*

"dodged" - why this hostile terminology?
My job is to maintain util-linux, not to fight Swedes.
I am not interested in this strange meaningless discussion.
All that can be said has been said.

Concerning your question: I leave that up to the glibc maintainers.

But if you wonder whether any exist, I could remind you that
earlier it was claimed by some that most of the Swedish calendars
that start with Sunday are in fact produced by programs written
by Americans. If true, this might suggest that Sunday would be
the appropriate answer for e.g. en_US. One correspondent tells me
that Sunday would be correct for pt_BR.

But these things are up to the glibc maintainers - no need for
me to worry about them.


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