Re: [util-linux] cal doesn't honor first_weekday value from locale

From: Christian Rose (
Date: 2001-11-29 13:56:56 wrote:
> : Using the locale data, even it is wrong in some cases, isn't more wrong
> : than the situation already is by hard-coding it in util-linux, which
> : already makes the output wrong in some cases today. Using the locale
> : data right now would make the situation a lot better, because then
> : util-linux isn't buggy regarding this, and only glibc has to be fixed.
> It is not my custom to release util-linux versions that depend
> on hypothetical future kernel or libc features.

It's not hypothetical or future, it's already there.

> : If you believe we were overstating the issue of the first weekday used
> : in Sweden, I guess you didn't read Andries' first mails at all. He spent
> : a lot of time not only stating that I (who have lived in Sweden for the
> : most part of my life), but also at least two other Swedish translators,
> : were totally wrong about the first weekday used in Sweden, and implied
> : that he knew better, refusing to acknowledge most of what we wrote and
> : could personally testify. In fact, he still hasn't admitted that he
> : might have been wrong about it.
> Of course. The problem is mostly that you cannot read, and
> invent a straw man to fight against.

You should read your own mails again. Trust me, I'm not the only one who
got the impression that you'd much rather simply refuse to believe that
something else than what you're used to yourself is used somewhere else,
and openly claim the people that should know better than you about
what's actually used in the specific country wrong, than refuse to
accept that the current behavior is buggy.


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