[Fwd: A simple script to manage GnomeGlossary.gnumeric]

From: Christian Rose (menthos_at_menthos.com)
Date: 2001-02-28 08:26:08

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Subject: A simple script to manage GnomeGlossary.gnumeric
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 02:28:17 +0000 (GMT)
From: <simos@pc96.ma.rhbnc.ac.uk>
To: <gnome-i18n@gnome.org>

	you will find a utility that parses the GnomeGlossary.gnumeric
file and generates either
	o a "glossary.pot", ready for translation, with the Term
		Description as comments.
	o a "XX.po" from the already translated terms of
		GnomeGlossary.gnumeric so that one can continue

	What is missing is the capability to inject back to the xml
file the translated strings. It remains to be done and should not
be too difficult.

	In order to process the XML file (.gnumeric), I use XML::Twig
which has to be installed. To install it without too much fuss,
you may do "perl -MCPAN -eshell" and once you are in the shell, type
"install XML::Twig" and there you go.

	Example usage:

xml-i18n-update --pot g.gnumeric   	creates glossary.pot
xml-i18n-update g.gnumeric el   	creates el.po

Simos Xenitellis

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