sv mailing list ownership, and handling the spam

Författare: M. Drew Streib (
Datum: 2003-08-19 21:50:01

Hi. I apologize for the message in English.

My name is Drew Streib, and at the moment I run the server on which is hosted. I've hosted all the mailing lists for years
now, although I've never really taken a look a them.

Viewing this list now, I see that it is reasonably high traffic,
and is used for real conversation, but is also full of spam.
It also seems to have no list owner.

I'd like to ask if there is any current person who is in a position
to be the list owner. I'll warn you that at the moment it will 
mean getting a lot of bounces from the spam that gets sent
to sv-request, but I think that perhaps you might also want
to restrict posting to the list to list members, with optional
moderation, to cut down on all the spam.

A reasonably maintained list would be a lot more productive than
what currently exists, and I'd like to help with that in order
to cut down on the spam, and on the bounced spam to sv-request.

Please cc: me directly in any response, as I'm not on the

In short, who should own this list?


M. Drew Streib <>
Independent Rambler, Software/Standards/Freedom/Law --

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