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[Bill Gates]
Internet polluter William H. Gates III

William H. Gates III, by most people known by the name of Bill Gates, is one of the founders of the company that is known for making people associate the color blue with a system crash, and the e-mail software that practically invites people to send viruses to each other.

While claiming to adhere to the open standards of the Internet, Microsoft's products openly and repeatedly invent proprietary extensions, such as its VB Scripts and ActiveX controls in web pages, which not only are their own non-standard, but also dangerous. Yet, with each new version of Internet Explorer, Office and their other software, they keep throwing new non-standard things at their customers, polluting the Internet with yet more incorrect things. And even though they claim to follow the standards on their own pages, they do not dare to let competing products read their own pages. They claim it is because the other browsers do not support the standards, but that is a lie, Microsoft's web pages does not follow the standards more than their browser does. It is time to tell them enough is enough! It is time to tell them to adhere to the open standards of the Internet!

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Brief Microsoft history

[Microsoft has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down] Microsoft was started when young Bill Gates ripped off a BASIC interpreter, which was available for free, from the university where he studied, and began to sell it. When IBM wanted to get into the home computer market, they did not have time to write an operating system, and when the then market leader CP/M did not want to sell to them, they approached Microsoft, which agreed without having a product. Microsoft then quickly bought a lousy CP/M clone and relabeled it as MS-DOS, one of the worst computer operating systems ever (calling it an operating system is an overstatement, it's more of an advanced interrupt handler). The legacy of the ill-designed MS-DOS still lives today in Microsoft Windows 95/98/Millennium.

Microsoft has a long record of anti-competitive practices, and recently both the USA's Department of Justice and the European Union has started legal processes against them. One of the later examples is a document filled with lies that it is apparent that they are afraid of better alternatives. And when they find negative comments on one of their own products, they do all they can to change it, even though they themselves take every chance to badmouth their opposition. Even though the USA did not succeed to break up Microsoft, Microsoft was found guily of anti-competitive practices.

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