Re: Söndag som första dag i veckan?

From: Christian Rose (
Date: 2001-11-22 14:35:31

Först av allt, tack till Dennis, Martin och Peter för att ni svarat.
Diskussionen fortsätter, jag bifogar senaste svaret.


attached mail follows:

    From Thu Nov 22 09:25:44 2001

    tor 2001-11-22 klockan 01.38 skrev
    > The situation in Sweden is not different from that in many other
    > Western European countries, where the traditional first day of
    > the week is Sunday.  For financial-administrative purposes one
    > usually counts starting at Monday.

    The traditional first day of the week in Sweden is not Sunday, it's
    Monday. Simple fact.

    > So, both are correct and very common.

    No. Monday is the first day of the week. Sunday have been in the past.
    But not now.

You are contradicting yourself, or use `traditional' in a different
way than I do.

    > It does not suffice to point at the locale.
    > (Indeed, the locale is constant and does not distinguish countries,
    > so asking glibc does not yield any information.)

    I don't understand what you mean by that.
    sv_SE does not distinguish country? Then what is SE?

I mean that if you ask glibc what the first day of the week is,
it never answers Sunday, independent of the locale.
This means that asking glibc to find out whether it should be
Sunday or Monday is meaningless, it is equivalent to always
start at Monday.

So, people who advocate the glibc call should take the situation
in the entire world into account, not just that in Sweden.

Since the original cal program in Unix starts at Sunday, we may conclude
that thirty years ago Sunday was what felt most natural to these
authors. Don't know whether they would feel different today.
You point out that some of these Swedish calendars were generated
by American programs. Apparently the authors of these American programs
felt that the week starts at Sunday.

[By the way, there are many more Swedish websites with a calendar
starting with söndag. Avoiding those clearly produced by a standard
foreign calendar generator program, let me mention a few more

I do not want to make a special Swedish exception in the cal source.
Referring to glibc does not work. There is clearly a use for
calendars starting the week on Sunday.

Really, I cannot see any advantage in changing the default.
These Swedes that cannot stand seeing a calendar start on Sunday
may alias "cal" to "cal -m", or recompile cal with "#if 1" instead
of "#if 0".


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