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From: peter karlsson (
Date: 2001-05-13 20:59:18

Gudmund Areskoug:

> Vore ju kul om någon vet om det finns en standard.

RFC 1766:

The syntax of this tag in RFC-822 EBNF is:

    Language-Tag = Primary-tag *( "-" Subtag )
    Primary-tag = 1*8ALPHA
    Subtag = 1*8ALPHA


In the first subtag:

    -    All 2-letter codes are interpreted as ISO 3166 alpha-2
         country codes denoting the area in which the language is

    -    Codes of 3 to 8 letters may be registered with the IANA by
         anyone who feels a need for it, according to the rules in
         chapter 5 of this document.

The information in the subtag may for instance be:

    -    Country identification, such as en-US (this usage is
         described in ISO 639)
    -    Dialect or variant information, such as no-nynorsk or en-
    -    Languages not listed in ISO 639 that are not variants of
         any listed language, which can be registered with the i-
         prefix, such as i-cherokee
    -    Script variations, such as az-arabic and az-cyrillic

IANAs registrerade "subtags" finns listade på

I fallet norskt språk är numera (sedan drygt ett år) rekommendationen
att använda "nb" för bokmål och "nn" för nynorska.

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