Re: New PO file matrix

From: François Pinard (pinard_at_IRO.UMontreal.CA)
Date: 2000-04-28 04:29:14

"Göran Uddeborg" <> écrit:

> François, why are identical PO matrices being sent out over and over
> again nowdays?  It's getting slightly annoying.  It is the same matrix
> all the time, it is just repeated.

Thanks for warning me of this.  I found the bug in one of the Makefiles.
The `tmp-' prefix was not removed while moving files in their final place,
so at the next iteration of the process, `make' considered that files had
to be remade.

> And why doesn't it have the same data as
>  For example
> wget is marked as translated to Swedish at the URL, but not in the matrix
> being distributed.

Christian Rose <> writes:

> Why are the Swedish translations of indent, gnupg, sed and wget no
> longer counted in the PO file matrix?  Just wondering.

Because the same old `matrix.texi' was being sent instead of the newly
computed one.  The `matrix.html' at the URL was not much good either,
as it was also old and not recomputed (for a related reason).  However,
maybe it was a little less old, explaining different contents.

It should be OK now.  Tell me if you still see problems.  Thanks!

P.S. - Sorry for the automated pollution.

François Pinard

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