Bokstavsfrekvenser i svenskan

Författare: Christian Rose (
Datum: 2004-02-18 23:10:50

Till översättningen av GNOME behöver jag statistik över normala
bokstavsförekomster i svenskan. Inga exakta värden, men ordnat efter
frekvens. Detta är sammanhanget:

        #. * Note to Translators: the following strings should contain your LANG/locale's
        #. * alphabet or, in the case of LANGs with a very large glyph set, a set of
        #. * character-primitives which can be used to compose your language's character set.
        #. * This string should contain all of the glyphs in the "level #|abcde..." strings
        #. * but they should appear in 'frequency order', that is, the most frequently occurring
        #. * characters in your locale should appear at the front of the list.
        #. * (Put digits after characters, and punctuation last).
        #. * If level 0 and level 1 refer to upper-and-lower-case in your locale,
        #. * the characters in these two strings should occur in the same relative order.
        #: gok/gok-keyboard.c:771
        msgid "level 0|etaonrishdlfcmugypwbvkxjqz`1234567890-=\\[];'<,./"
        msgstr ""
        #: gok/gok-keyboard.c:772
        msgid "level 1|ETAONRISHDLFCMUGYPWBVKXJQZ~!@#$%^&*()_+|{}:\"><>?"
        msgstr ""

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