Re: Pattern for spell-checking in po-files.

Författare: Göran Uddeborg (
Datum: 2003-05-23 23:27:47

Karl Eichwalder writes:
> "Göran Uddeborg" <> writes:
> >   (add-to-list 'ispell-skip-region-alist '("^msgid" . "^msgstr"))

> A minor issue: it does not skip the keywords msgstr/msgid; work around:
> add them to your dictionary.

That's not what I find when I try it, and not what the documentation

Alist expressing beginning and end of regions not to spell check.
The alist key must be a regular expression.
Valid forms include:
  (KEY) - just skip the key.
  (KEY . REGEXP) - skip to the end of REGEXP.  REGEXP may be string or symbol.

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