Re: make-3.79.1 på remiss

Författare: Anders Gavare (
Datum: 2002-07-06 18:41:46

Oj. Nu ska jag inte störa mer efter detta:

On Sat, 6 Jul 2002, Fredrik Wendt wrote:

> Tomas Gradin wrote, On 07/06/2002 03:05 AM:
> > > Vet du vad "Customs" är?
> >
> >Nja, inte riktigt. Jag tolkar det som egennamn:
> >
> >GNU make can utilize the Customs library, distributed with Pmake, to
> >provide builds distributed across multiple hosts.

En lagom bra beskrivning finns här:

Customs is a remote execution facility for PMake (the BSD 4.4 version
of make). Customs is designed to run on a network of machines with a
consistent, shared filesystem. Customs requires Sun RPC in order to
use XDR (eXternal Data Representation) routines for logging functions.

A single server is designated as the master agent and is additionally
responsible for noting when a machine goes down, from which machines
any given machine will accept jobs and parcelling out available
machines to requesting clients. The job of master is not given to any
one machine but is instead decided among the active agents whenever
the previous master dies.

Clients are provided to alter the availability criteria for the local
machine (importquota); find the status of all registered hosts on the
net (reginfo); abort, restart or ping any customs agent on the network
(cctrl); export a command from the shell (export); and accept log
information from all hosts on the net (logd).

Install pmake-customs if you need a remote execution facility for pmake.

Att översätta ett namn på ett program eller programsystem är väl inte
speciellt bra dock, Customs ska väl heta Customs på svenska också.
Egennamn som sagt.  Men det har inte jag med att göra.


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