Translations for m4

From: François Pinard (pinard_at_IRO.UMontreal.CA)
Date: 1998-06-10 05:32:19

Hello, Jan.  Long time no talk!

Preparing to merge old Swedish translations with a POT file for an
experimental `m4', I noticed the strangety that various tools report that
none of the messages have been translated, while we now you did them all.

The reason is that you left the `#, fuzzy' line on all entries, and the
behaviour is *now* to not retain fuzzy entries in the compiled translations,
effectively eliminating them.

The fuzzy marks are added, among other ways, by the `msgmerge' program.
We found out that since `msgmerge' tries approximative matches, it
may wrongly relate an English format with a translated format not
using compatible specifiers, later causing segmentation violations.
Sometimes too, it just relate two sentences having similar words, yet very
different meanings, and so, might produce quite misleading translations.
This is why it was decided that fuzzy entries should not go into production.
An explicit revision by the translator is needed, to ensure that everything
is OK.  The OK is given by the translator deleting the fuzzy mark.

Hoping that my robot will behave well fairly soon, you should receive a
message telling that none of 77 messages have been translated.  This comes
from the fuzzy marks.  I suggest that you revise the file, then, and remove
the fuzzy marks if you are still happy with your works.

				Thanks for your collaboration,
			(and forgiveness, if the robot misbehaves :-).

François Pinard                  
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