Re: Enhancment suggestion for po-mode

From: Franšois Pinard (
Date: 1997-08-31 19:54:22

Hi, G÷ran, and people.

| During translating fileutils, I accidentally inserted som tabulators in
| the translated messages.  Jan Djńrv commented that it was probably not a
| good idea to introduce tabulators thet were not in the original message,
| and I agreed to that.  Then we started considering if one could automate
| this.  One would need to have the variable "indent-tabs-mode" set to "nil"
| in the edit buffer.  [...]

Thanks for the suggestion.  I manage so that variable is nil while editing
msgstr strings.  This should be available in next version of `po-mode.el'.
I'll try putting my work version out to pretest, later today, in:

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