Re: Nu blir jag förvirrad

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Date: 1996-10-20 23:32:27

     List:     Swedish GNU/LI List
     Sender:   "Jan D." <>
     Subject:  Re: Nu blir jag =?ISO-8859-1?Q?förvirrad?     Date:     Sun, 20 Oct 1996 23:32:27 +0200 (MET DST)

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>      List:     Swedish GNU/LI List
>      Sender:   Johan Linde <>
>      Subject:  Nu blir jag förvirrad
>      Date:     Sun, 20 Oct 1996 22:45:26 +0200
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> Jag tänkte avvakta med den fortsatta översättningen av gcal tills version
> 2.20 med svenska helgdagar är färdig. Under tiden tänkte jag mig på något
> annat. Problemet är att på
> finns inga oöversatta po-filer. Vart har de tagit vägen? Ska inte de finnas
> där?
> Det rasslade till i brevlådan ikväll och det sades mig att po-filerna för
> gettext, tar och sharutils redan skickats in. Jag har inte hunnit titta på
> de filer som kom häromdagen, och tycker det gick undan väldeliga. Är det
> för sent att komma med synpunkter nu?

Kolla i po/pot istället.  I trans ligger översatta filer.
Här är ett meddelande som gick ut för ett tag sen (1:a Mars) som beskriver
strukturen på alpha.

	Jan D.

* README for		-*- outline -*-

A hierarchy of ftp'able files has been set up for the GNU translation
project.  The purpose of this hierarchy is helping maintainers,
translators and maybe some enthusiastic users to share files and
otherwise communicate.  Save this address for future reference:

Please note that this site is for helping the communication between
translators and maintainers *working* at the GNU translation project.
It is not meant as a distribution site for making translations
available to all users, as translations are normally distributed
within published packages.  Please avoid announcing it too widely.

This directory is maintained by `',
who represents the coordinator for the GNU translation project.

				Good work!  Enjoy!
				The GNU translation coordinator


   This file gives various notes on the GNU translation project.
   It explains how internationalized GNU packages should be installed
   and used.  It tells how to reach translation teams, and gives
   a list of translations officially available in various packages.


   This file lists all translators who fulfilled the requirement
   of disclaiming their rights to the translation work they did,
   so the GNU translation project may safely use and distribute it.


   This file contains the translator disclaimer all translators
   should print, fill in writing, and return to the FSF headquarters
   by usual mail.  Instructions are given within the file.

..* `ISO_639'

   You may reach your own translation team by writing to `',
   replacing `LL' by the two-letter code identifying your language.
   File `ISO_639' lists language codes, not to be confused with
   country codes.  For subscribing to your language team, send a
   message to `', replacing `LL' as appropriate,
   with the word `subscribe' in the *body* of your message, rather
   than in the `Subject:' line, which is ignored.

..* `'

   This paper was presented by Ulrich Drepper at the Conference on
   Free Software, held in Boston in February 1996.  It explains how
   internationalization is currently approached in the GNU project,
   and might help translators putting `gettext' in a broader context.

..* `gettext-N.M.O.tar.gz'

   For more information about Portable Object files, and for program
   internationalization and localization, see the GNU `gettext'
   manual.  This directory may sometimes contain a pre-release of
   a GNU `gettext' distribution.  However, the latest official GNU
   `gettext' is in and its mirrors.

..* `maint/PACKAGE/LL.po'

   Package maintainers may always grab the latest official copy of
   translation files, in PO format, pertaining to their own package,
   in the `maint/' hierarchy.  PACKAGE by the package name, sans
   version, and `LL' is the language code as explained earlier.

..* `pot/PACKAGE-VERSION.pot'

   The remaining of this file describes the pot/ subdirectory,
   containing many template PO files, holding untranslated messages
   only.  Each file is named `PACKAGE-VERSION.pot', according to package
   name and version numbers.  Some files lack the `-VERSION' part.
   These are very old, or else, too young for having version numbers
   yet.  For each package and version, the following table presents a
   few notes telling the state of this package for internationalization
   matters, and the number of translatable messages it contains.

.. + Table of available POT files.

   Package & version     Notes    Messages

   SYS_libc		-	 198
   bison-1.25		-	 138
   cpio-2.3.911		-	 106
   diffutils		.	 138
   error		%	 121
   fileutils		.	 135
   flex-2.5.2		.	 160
   enscript		+	  85
   gettext		X	  47
   gettext-0.9.2	X+	  50
   gettext-0.10.2	X+	  72
   m4-1.4.3		-	  90
   mkid-3.0.8		-	  92
   music-0.3.8		-	  43
   ptx-0.4.2		-	   5
   recode-3.4.2		-	  67
   sh-utils		.	 234
   sh-utils-1.12a	.	 166
   sharutils-4.1.6	-	 109
   sharutils-4.2	X	 111
   tar-1.11.8a		X+	 215
   tar-1.11.9		-	 229
   textutils-1.14	.	 182
   wdiff-0.5.1		-	  25

.. + Legend for notes.

    X : GNU published an official release for this package, with
    full support for message localization.

    - : This package is fully able to localize messages, but is
    only available to its pretesters.

    . : All translatable messages for this package are marked for
    automatic extraction, but mechanics is not fully operational yet.

    + : This PO file pertains to a version of the package which is
    slightly updated with respect to the official release.

    % : These messages are independent of packages and comes from
    operating systems.  Nevertheless, they should be translated.

..* `trans/LL/PACKAGE-VERSION.po'

   Translating volunteers may find in the `trans/' hierarchy all
   officially accepted PO files, providing translations for packages
   already released or still incoming.  `LL' is the language code.
   Each PO file is identified according to package and version.
   Old obsolete PO files may be deleted, they are not kept forever.

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