Creators November party 2003

This Creators November party 2003 took place at TDS's place in Nittedal, north of Oslo, during the weekend 7-9 November 2003.

Organizer: TDS
Attendees: Mermaid, The Bellows, Bjørn Røstøen, Duck-Hunter, JFK, NervE, Tormod, Zixaq, and me
Official releases: TBA.

Here are some pictures of what went on at the party. All photos © Copyright 2003 Peter Krefting <> unless otherwise noted.

Setting up

Friday night, and we're getting ready to party!

[Let's party!] [Let's party!] [Mermaid pixeling]
Let's party! NervE (by the window), TDS (with beverage), Zixaq (writing music) and The Bellows (smoking). Mermaid starts off creating art on NervE's Atari.


Duck-hunter brought his projector, so we were able to watch C64 demos on a big screen. Yay!

[Wall of code] [Spectators]
But before we got it set up, we got a nice Matrix feeling out of it. Zixaq, Duck-hunter and Tormod.


What's a party without demos? Nothing!

[TDS is hacking away] [NervE is describing the algorithms [Me editing fonts]*
TDS is hacking away at his demo, while NervE is helping him out, explaining some algorithms he need to use for effects. Me pixeling away on a 2×2 font for the party demo. I'm not quite happy with the font editor, since both the keyboard layout and joystick usage is crappy. I have to find a better one some day. *


[Mermaid is tired] [Evil red eyes] [C64 with VIC keyboard]
With the projector gone on Saturday, we had to watch demos on a slightly smaller screen. Here we see Mermaid, Bjørn Røstøen and JFK watching closely. Mermaid, having been up for more than 24 hours is starting to look tired (the eyes are looking weird on the picture due to my flash). I do have this nice tutorial on how to remove red eyes, but it didn't work. Besides, The Bellows looks kind of cool on this picture because of it... JFK, Bjørn Røstøen, The Bellows and Zixaq in the sofa. TDS' C64 felt a lot better after getting a keyboard transplant from a VIC20. I'd recommend washing it, though.

* This photo by Vanja Utne.

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