Göteborg 2006 (28 bilder)
Day trip to Gothenburg on Saturday 2006-03-25.

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Tarquin, Moose and Ola. Tarquin taking pictures of buildings, I'm more interested in the people. Tarquin on the photo. Tarquin and Ola, on a bridge in Gothenburg. Moose taking a picture of me. Göta älv in the winter. A church. Three people photographing said church. In Gothenburg they have party birds. Headquarters of The Knights Templar in Gothenburg. Tarquin, Moose and Ola on the long path up to the Crown Fortlet (Skansen Kronan). The roofs of Gothenburg. Skansen Kronan. More photographing. We found a better way down than up. “You takin' a picture of me?” Gothenburgian high-rises. It is important to keep steady wheen taking photographs at a distance. More houses. A slightly broken litter box. Notice the lighter that is stuck at the bottom. A nice-looking church in Gothenburg. This car won't work. It's just a dud. A commuter boat in the southern archipelago. Sunset at the beach. Juice break. Archipelago. Tarquin. The southern archipelago. The tram. On our way down again.