17 maj 2005 (31 images)

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Some Norwegians behind the royal castle Monika and Eivind, in front of the castle That's the queen and the crown prince, waving to the people One part of the traditional 17th of May parade is the music The weather was really beautiful, with a blue sky and just enough wind to make the flags wave Traditionally clothed Norwegians Traditionally clothed Norwegians Monika smiling and Eivind contemplating buying some candy Look, there's a parade coming this way! It's getting closer Look at all those flags, isn't it beautiful? And some music to accompany it And more parading... Crowded down at Aker brygge, too Loads and loads of people out today Taking a break, enjoying the beautiful weather at Aker brygge This is where the parade ends We're all just happy friends here Monika and Chaals, dressed in a traditional home-made Australian viking outfit The student choir performs But the crowd doesn't seem too interested A wonderful spring day in Oslo indeed Chang and a friend showed up The police clears the way for the high school graduate parade (“russeparaden”) Some music Hooray, high school is almost over! Favourite sign of the day: “Has anyone seen my sami flag?”. Sami flags were banned from the parade... A traditional russebuss, although one of the smaller models More graduates and their vehicles On our way back, we passed by a film crew. They seemed to like Chaals' outfit Look, they made me sign this!