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Links to friends

People I know that have their own homepages.

All flags used on this page indicate the country in which the page is located (as far as I can tell) and/or the nationality of the page owner, and is not in necessarily related to the language that the actual page is in, or, in some cases, the domain of the server. For example, this page is located in Sweden, being edited remotely from Norway, and is written in English.

I also have a regular link page.

Last time all the links below were checked: 2009-01-27

Links to friends

Sorted alphabetically (by last name):

Do you consider yourself a friend of mine, but is not listed above? Well, then just mail me your URL, and it will be up here faster than you can say "supercallifragilisticexpialidocious". I used to have links to more people here, but if I can't find a new location when an old go stale, it will just be removed.

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