Your hull is badly damaged, and you have no weapons to speak of. While you slowly bear through treacherous iceberg-full waters, trying to reach your home harbour, you find that there is an enemy craft following you. How strange it may seem, it can see you, but not the icebergs, so your best shot is trying to lure it to ram one of those.

I will display a "map" showing the position of your vessel (Y), the enemy (Z), and the icebergs (*). Each turn, you can either move one step towards north, east, south or west, or stay at your present location. The enemy is intercepting you on the nearest course (he can also move diagonally). If you end up in one of the eight positions surrounding the enemy craft, you are caught, and if you hit an iceberg, you will sink.

Will you be able to get away?

with enemies

© 1998-2000 Peter Karlsson. Based on the game "Isberg" printed in the book "Stridsspel", © 1982 Usborne Publishing, Ltd., © 1983 Brombergs Bokförlag AB.

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