syspecial #001 a2sys
55disk master PRG
6dir.c1 SEQ (utf-8)
3dir.c2 SEQ (utf-8)
8dir.c3 SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.c4 SEQ (utf-8)
1dir.d1 SEQ (utf-8)
1dir.d2 SEQ (utf-8)
1dir.d3 SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.d4 SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.d5 SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.d6 SEQ (utf-8)
1dir.d7 SEQ (utf-8)
1dir.d8 SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.d9 SEQ (utf-8)
1dir.g1 SEQ (utf-8)
1dir.g2 SEQ (utf-8)
1dir.g3 SEQ (utf-8)
1dir.g4 SEQ (utf-8)
1dir.g5 SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.g6 SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.g8 SEQ (utf-8)
3dir.g7 SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.g9 SEQ (utf-8)
1dir.ga SEQ (utf-8)
1dir.gb SEQ (utf-8)
1dir.gc SEQ (utf-8)
5dir.s1 SEQ (utf-8)
4dir.s2 SEQ (utf-8)
4dir.s3 SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.s4 SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.s5 SEQ (utf-8)
4dir.s6 SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.s7 SEQ (utf-8)
3dir.s8 SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.s9 SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.s: SEQ (utf-8)
4dir.s; SEQ (utf-8)
6dir.s< SEQ (utf-8)
4dir.s SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.s> SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.s@ SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.sa SEQ (utf-8)
3dir.sb SEQ (utf-8)
3dir.sc SEQ (utf-8)
3dir.sd SEQ (utf-8)
3dir.se SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.sf SEQ (utf-8)
3dir.sg SEQ (utf-8)
3dir.sh SEQ (utf-8)
3dir.si SEQ (utf-8)
3dir.sj SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.sk SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.sl SEQ (utf-8)
4dir.sm SEQ (utf-8)
6dir.sn SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.so SEQ (utf-8)
1dir.sp SEQ (utf-8)
6dir.sr SEQ (utf-8)
8dir.sq SEQ (utf-8)
4dir.ss SEQ (utf-8)
2dir.st SEQ (utf-8)
3dir.su SEQ (utf-8)
5disk dir xref SEQ (utf-8)
48sid/pic v3.4 PRG
38sidpic.docs v3 SEQ (utf-8)
6days.mus PRG
10days.wds PRG
8drummer.mus PRG
4drummer.wds PRG
3halls.mus PRG
4halls.wds PRG
4jingle.mus PRG
4jingle.wds PRG
3joy.mus PRG
3joy.wds PRG
4midnight.mus PRG
3midnight.wds PRG
4rudolph.mus PRG
3rudolph.wds PRG
4silent.mus PRG
4silver.mus PRG
3silent.wds PRG
4silver.wds PRG
4child.mus PRG
3child.wds PRG
4faithful.mus PRG
4faithful.wds PRG
3housetop.mus PRG
4housetop.wds PRG
4chestnuts.mus PRG
3chestnuts.wds PRG
3figgy.mus PRG
5figgy.wds PRG
4hark her.mus PRG
3hark her.wds PRG
11christmas.mus PRG
6christmas.wds PRG
18chris2.mus PRG
5chris2.wds PRG
5mommy/santa.mus PRG
3mommy/santa.wds PRG
6rockin tree.mus PRG
4rockin tree.wds PRG
4deckhalls.mus PRG
37deckhalls.pic PRG
6white xmas.mus PRG
3white xmas.wds PRG
5chipmunk.mus PRG
3chipmunk.wds PRG
0┌━┬┐┌┬━┐ DEL
0Å━┤└┘Å━┤ #001DEL
0├━├┐┌Ä━Åpecial DEL
0└━┘└┘└━┘ DEL
0 dat: 920528 DEL
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