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Good bye, Gnome

Published: Thursday 2013-06-27.

When I started out running Gnome some time around 1996 I quickly noticed the lack of a nice graphical user interface. I was used to OS/2 which had a very well thought-through graphical user interface called Presentation Manager. I did not have anything similar to Linux at the time, but instead mostly ran a raw X session with a simple window manager (first fwvm, later, and for quite a long time IceWM), when not running directly from one of the text terminals.

When Gnome and KDE appeared some year later I was initially quite sceptical, but after a while I started running parts of Gnome, to later switch to it in its entirety (even if I kept IceWM in the background for a long time). KDE was too much like Windows, and even if Gnome tried to be Mac OS it never quite managed, but it worked well enough even if each version got slower and slower.

I recently upgraded my Linux boxes to version 7 of Debian and it comes with version 3 of Gnome. Since I have been running Gnome for a long time I first chose to run that, but never really liked the new behaviour. I switched over to Gnome Classic which was supposed to look like Gnome 2, but that didn’t feel very good either. Also, Gnome was starting to feel slow even on this year’s model of a monster computer, so it was not good enough. In addition I have a couple of old computers that I want to run graphical user interfaces on, and Gnome is just too slow on those.

So now I have switched over to LXDE everywhere. Unfortunately it does look a bit too much like Windows for my taste, but at least it keeps out of the way well enough for me to be able to ignore it. The configuration system is slightly confusing, but not worse than that one can live with it. It is not near as simple as the OS/2 graphical user interface of 1995, but neither is anything else. Mac OS is close, but not quite.

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  • Namn: Storebror
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LXDE är en klar favorit. Enkelt och tråkigt, inget tjafs.

  • Datum: 2013-06-28 13.17.51 CEST
  • Namn: Roland Casselbrant
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Jag kör på min dator och är ganska nöjd. Det känns emellanåt lite yxigt och osnyggt men springer på i rask takt vilket ändå känns som det viktigaste.

Gnome har jag faktiskt inte kört sedan 1999/2000 och då tyckte jag att det var väldigt snyggt och det var snabbt också men redan till tvåan kändes det som en koloss på fyrkantiga hjul.

Som jämförbart med OS/2 finns ju ingenting. Så är det ju tyvärr.

  • Datum: 2013-06-28 14.37.17 CEST
  • Namn: Peter Krefting
  • Sänt från: ************

Xfce har jag läst om, men aldrig testat. Det blev LXDE eftersom jag körde den på min lilla netbook som var allt för långsam för att köra en modern Gnome och så hade jag ingen lust att köra något annat helt nytt på skrivbordsdatorn...

Borde väl testa det någon gång, men det är ju det med att hitta tid till det...

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