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Star Trek reused

Published: Wednesday 2013-05-22.

Even if I didn’t really like how they rebooted the Star Trek franchise in the 2009 film, I am still too much of a trekkie to not go to the cinema to watch any new Star Trek film that comes out. So, said and done, on Sunday I went to watch Star Trek Into Darkness. It builds upon the rebooted universe from the last film, but as it is set parallel to the original series, elements from it are reused, albeit in different ways. Unfortunately, it felt quite a lot like a rehash, and half-way through I had guessed quite a lot of what would happen, based on my knowledge of the prior series and films.

Still, I find the new universe interesting and it is a bit sad that they are only making films from it. Since the original is a TV series, it is very episodic in nature, and even this film felt like a three-part episode strung together to make a feature film. I think they’d be better off making it into an actual TV series. They have the setting and backgrounds now, and can just take off, to boldly go where they have already gone, several times before.

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