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Published: Friday 2012-10-12.

Last night I managed to get out and watch Kon-Tiki, the new feature film based on Thor Heyerdahl’s famous voyage across the Pacific Ocean. Thor Heyerdahl is a legendary person and I have been to the Kon-Tiki museum here in Oslo and seen the raft, even if it that was some time ago now, so I was looking forward to seeing how the expedition was adapted for the screen.

The film tries to depict how Thor gets the idea about how Polynesia was not populated from the west, as the then-current theory said, but from the east and how he in part fruitlessly tries to get his theory published. Despite many setbacks he in the end gets the opportunity to start his expedition with the Kon-Tiki raft, built after ideas from pre-historic south American civilisations, and we get to see what happens aboard.

The film is very well carried out and exciting to watch, even when you already know quite a lot in advance about how it all ends. It has received quite a lot of criticism for having introduced some unnecessary extra drama and present some persons in an unfavourable way, but then again it is a feature film based on reality, and not a documentary. I can agree that some scenes could have been done differently, but in the end the film works out quite well. I can whole-heartedly recommend it.

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