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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2

Published: Monday 2011-08-29.

With two small children it is not as easy to get away to watch a movie for both Thea and myself, so unlike part one I watched part two of the last Harry Potter movie by myself yesterday. With almost nine months since the first half, I can&rsqou;t quite remember all the details, but that has held true for all the films, I have been missing a Previously on Harry Potter.

The final battle is close, will good or evil prevail? And who is really good or evil, when all comes around it is not always that easy to say.

Unlike part one the movie is packed with action. It feels like they could have put the entire first half in as an initial half hour and not have had to split it in two, but then it would have ended up at three hours, of course. There are many nice computer-animated explosions and magical battles, and it all ends more or less as expected.

It is a good movie, but I still have problems not reading the Norwegian title’s deadly talismans as deadly talibans

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