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There is an app for that — good bye freedom of choice?

Published: Friday 2011-06-24.

Everyone and is dog seems to have an app nowadays. Instead of opening the web browser and visiting the mobile banking site, they want you to install an app. Instead of opening the web browser and visiting Google Maps, they want you to install an app, and so on, and so forth.

To what use, one may ask? Are we going back to the bad old days, where you used one piece of software for paying the bills in a bank, which connected via modem to that particular bank’s payment central, for then to start a different piece of software connecting to a BBS for sending and receiving e-mail? Why not just fix the web pages so that they work in a mobile web browser, so that they can be used anywhere, independent of the system?

Well, this blog is never going to get its own app, at least, but instead it has specially written style sheets adapting it to both mobile phones and TV sets, if anyone feels like surfing here on one of those. And, of course it works in Lynx.

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