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Osama is dead

Published: Monday 2011-05-02.

For once I will comment on current affairs, that is the news about Osama bin Laden being killed. I still remember 11th of September 2001, I was at the office when I heard the news about an airplane crashing into the World Trade Center, but found it sounding like a freak accident. When back at home an hour or so later, I got to see the TV images from the attack. Most of the big news web sites were down due to high load, so I followed the news on TV. I remember it feeling very unreal.

Osama is dead now, which might not be so good. Better would have been if he had been taken alive to be thrown into a jail for the rest of his life. Nevertheless, the terror is probably not going away.

(. By the way, I do not believe it until I get to see Osama’s birth certificate – or was it the other way around? .)

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Jag diskuterade detta med min kollega över lunchen. Jag drog till med en jämförelse att al-Qaida nog är lite som ICA Handlarna, dvs ett antal fristående celler som hålls samman under samma "varumärke", men som aldrig varit helt beroende av toppstyrning.

Det ska tilläggas att det inte är min tanke att vilja skada ovan nämnda matvarukedja, det ska bara ses som en liknelse.

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