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Books, books, books

Published: Thursday 2011-03-17.

We have started preparing moving house by cleaning out things that we do not want to bring with us. We have a book shelf full with books that, while we do like them, we are never going to read again, so several of them have now been sent to paper recycling. But it still is sad throwing books away, it feels wrong in some sense.

An e-book reader has climbed up to the top of my wish list, I have started in the small to read books on my mobile phone, but the screen is a bit too small, and it only works well when there is dark enough. I know several people who have and recommend e-book readers, and the readers seem to have been coming down to a reasonable price level now, so I think I will get myself one before too long.

Finally I have to recommend Baen Free Library where it is possible to find several published science fiction books in electronic version, for free and legally. I downloaded 1632, which I have been thinking about buying in paperback for a while, but never really have been able to make up my mind about. Now I have downloaded and read it in electronic form, and if I get as far as to buy an e-book reader, I will probably buy one or more of its sequels. Electronically.

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  • Datum: 2011-03-17 18.56.48 CET
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
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Framtidens bokbål kommer att lukta bränd plast och elektronik. :-P

  • Datum: 2011-03-20 12.30.52 CET
  • Namn: Storebror
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När sker flytten?

// Jörgen

  • Datum: 2011-03-21 10.00.50 CET
  • Namn: Peter Krefting
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