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Reflections from a Swede in Norway.

Here you will find my small graffiti board where I write about things I come to think about.

In my blog, I write about the general unfairness of life, about spam mail, vintage computers, board games, Norwegians, current and not-so-current affairs, technology and whatever else occurs to me — in other words, a glorious mess. All opinion expressed here are of course my own, and all similarities with any living people is of course intentional.

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Ny svensk spammare: Artistplatsen

Published: Tuesday 2011-02-22. Not available in English (automatic translation).

Jag fick just två exemplar av samma skräppostbrev från några som kallar sig för Artistplatsen. Planerar du en fest,konferens eller bröllop? Behöver du hjälp med att hitta den bästa underhållningen? Artistplatsen är en gratis söktjänst där ni enkelt kan hitta underhållare redo att göra er kväll oförglömlig. Gratis, men med en bismak av skräppost. Återigen är det MailEasy som stått för servrar och för sina listor med stulna e-postadresser. Varning för dessa skojare, alltså.

Abuse-anmält via SpamCop som vanligt.

From  Tue Feb 22 11:05:40 2011
Received: from ( [])
	by (8.14.3/8.14.3/Debian-5+lenny1) with ESMTP id p1MA5dKg001968
	for <>; Tue, 22 Feb 2011 11:05:40 +0100
Received: from maileasy-web-1 ( [])
	by (Postfix) with ESMTP id 7B87D56EFEF48
	for <>; Tue, 22 Feb 2011 10:45:46 +0100 (CET)
From: Artistplatsen <>
To:  <>
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Snart fest !
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; 
X-BPS1: 99092
X-BPS2: 51718586
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 10:45:46 +0100 (CET)

Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

<meta name="GENERATOR" content="MSHTML 8.00.7600.16722"></meta>

<body bgcolor="#333333">
<table style="WIDTH: 100%; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse; HEIGHT: 100%">
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<p align="center">
<table style="WIDTH: 660px; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" align="center">
<td style="PADDING-BOTTOM: 15px; FONT-FAMILY: Arial; COLOR: #2f2f2f; FONT-SIZE: 8pt">
<p align="center"><span style="COLOR: #dcdcdc">Ser mailet konstigt ut? =
</span><a href="
wpagefirst.jsp?versionid=99092&userid=51718586"><span style="COLOR: #=
dcdcdc">Klicka här</span></a><span style="COLOR: #dcdcdc"> <span style=
="COLOR: #dcdcdc">för att öppna i webbläsare.</span></span></p></td=
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COLOR: #2f2f2f; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; VERTICAL-ALIGN: top; PADDING-TOP: 20px">
<table style="WIDTH: 100%; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse">
<td style="FONT-FAMILY: Trebuchet MS">
<div><span style="COLOR: #696969; FONT-SIZE: 12pt"><strong>Planer<span st=
yle="COLOR: #696969; FONT-SIZE: 12pt">ar du en fest,konferens eller brö=
<div><span style="COLOR: #696969; FONT-SIZE: 8pt"><strong><span style="=
COLOR: #696969; FONT-SIZE: 8pt">&nbsp;</span></strong></span></div>
<div><span style="COLOR: #696969; FONT-SIZE: 14pt"><strong><span style==
"COLOR: #696969; FONT-SIZE: 14pt"><span style="FONT-SIZE: 12pt">Behöver=
 du hjälp&nbsp;med att&nbsp;hitta den bästa underhållningen ?</span> =
<div><span style="FONT-SIZE: 8pt">&nbsp;</span></div>
<div><span style="COLOR: #696969; FONT-SIZE: 10pt"><span style="COLOR: =
ta underhållare redo att göra er kväll oförglömlig. </span></span=
><span style="FONT-SIZE: 8pt">
<div><span style="COLOR: #696969; FONT-SIZE: 8pt"><span style="COLOR: #=
696969; FONT-SIZE: 8pt">&nbsp;</span></span></div></span></div>
<div><span style="COLOR: #696969; FONT-SIZE: 10pt"><span style="COLOR: =
8586&versionid=99092&url=" target="_blank"=
><span style="COLOR: #696969">Klicka här för att komma till hemsidan!=
<div><span style="COLOR: #696969; FONT-SIZE: 10pt">&nbsp;</span></div>
<div><span style="COLOR: #696969; FONT-SIZE: 10pt">&nbsp;</span></div></t=
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<p align="center"><a href="
tion=stats&userid=51718586&versionid=99092&url=http://www.artistpla=" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="" src="http://www.mei=" /></a></p></td>
<td style="BORDER-BOTTOM: #a9a9a9 1px solid; PADDING-LEFT: 15px; FONT-FAM=
ILY: Trebuchet MS; VERTICAL-ALIGN: top; PADDING-TOP: 10px"><span style="F=
ONT-SIZE: 10pt"><a href="
.se" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="" src="http://www.meint.s=
e/client/1807//sang.jpg" /></a></span></td>
<td style="VERTICAL-ALIGN: top; PADDING-TOP: 10px">
<p align="center"><a href="
tion=stats&userid=51718586&versionid=99092&url=http://www.artistpla=" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="" src="http://www.mei=" /></a></p></td>
<td style="PADDING-LEFT: 15px; FONT-FAMILY: Trebuchet MS; VERTICAL-ALIGN:=
 top; PADDING-TOP: 10px"><a href="
_function=stats&userid=51718586&versionid=99092&url=http://www.arti=" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="" src="http://ww=" /></a></td>
<td style="PADDING-BOTTOM: 10px; PADDING-LEFT: 15px; PADDING-RIGHT: 15px;=
 FONT-FAMILY: Arial; BACKGROUND: #efefef; HEIGHT: 70px; COLOR: #2f2f2f; FON=
T-SIZE: 10pt; VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle; PADDING-TOP: 10px">
<p align="center"><span style="COLOR: #696969; FONT-SIZE: 8pt"><strong>=
Artistplatsen , Amalia Jönssonsgata 17, 421 31 Västra Frölunda<br />
													</strong></span><a style="COLOR: #=
696969; TEXT-DECORATION: none" href=""><span =
style="FONT-SIZE: 8pt"><strong></strong></span></a> =
<span style="COLOR: #696969">|</span><span style="FONT-SIZE: 8pt"><stro=
ng> </strong></span><a style="COLOR: #696969; TEXT-DECORATION: none" href=
586&versionid=99092&url=" target="_blank">=
<span style="FONT-SIZE: 8pt"><strong></strong></span>=
<td style="FONT-FAMILY: Arial; COLOR: #2f2f2f; FONT-SIZE: 8pt; PADDING-TO=
P: 15px">
<p align="center"><span style="COLOR: #dcdcdc">Detta mail skickades til=
l<br />
												Klicka </span><a href="http://www.mei=
05"><span style="COLOR: #dcdcdc">här</span></a><span style="COLOR: #d=
cdcdc"> <span style="COLOR: #dcdcdc">om du inte vill ta emot fler utskick=
 ifrån Artistplatsen</span></span></p></td>
</html><IMG SRC="
99092&userid=51718586&stats.gif" HEIGHT=1 WIDTH=1>

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