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Superpowers against openness

Published: Thursday 2010-12-09.

China is using the tactics of a two-year-old, screaming on the floor, because a regime critic received Nobel’s peace prize. In time for the ceremony tomorrow, China has censored Norwegian broadcaster NRK’s web pages and set up their own peace prize that no-one wants. It is also quite plausible that it is China who are behind the computer attacks on the Nobel institute which has escalated lately.

USA, on the other hand, is fighting openness in other ways, by trying to catch Wikileaks’ spokesperson Julian Assange. The Americans are trying to label the site a terrorist organisation and pressure companies who in one way or another have co-operated with Wikileaks. In this case the computer attacks are however in the other direction, the companies that have submitted to the government are attacked by its supporters, even if Wikileaks’s site in itself have also been attacked, for instance several of its domain name pointers have been removed.

Two super-powers. One claims to be free and open, the other one no-one expects to be. Which one is which is hard to tell these days, since they both are behaving the same way.

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