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Finally: Opera for Android

Published: Tuesday 2010-11-09.

Warning: This post contains an endorsement for a product from my employer (but I guess you all are used to it by now…).
Today, Opera Mobile for Android was finally released. As I have mentioned earlier, I bought an Android-based mobile phone a while back, and to now only Opera Mini have been officially available on Market (although I have beta tested Mobile for a while). The advantage of Mobile over Mini is that it is a full web browser, which supports (almost) everything that a regular PC based browser does. The advantage of Mini over Mobile is that it transfers a lot less data, and is perfect when you pay for every bit of data you transfer (or is on a slow network).

I have both installed, and use them both; Mini if I am on a bus and only want to check the news, Mobile if I want to do something more advanced, especially when I am connected to a wireless network. Mobile also has the advantage of allowing access to opera:config, which lets you configure it to your own liking. For instance, you can download a URL-filter file (for instance for ad blocking) to the SD card and point Opera Mobile to it, to avoid having to see (and pay to download) ads. You cannot do that on Mini.

An advantage of modern versions of Mini and Mobile is that they all support Opera Link, which means that it is possible to synchronise bookmarks and speed dials, both between each other and with Opera on a PC. That makes it trivial to switch between the various installs at any point.

I have to admit that I didn’s really understand five-six years ago why you wanted to have a web browser on a phone (despite working for a company who produces software to do just that), but today I would not want to be without.

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  • Datum: 2010-11-09 14.10.26 CET
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ******

Ditt inlägg får mig att tänka på reklamfilmen med Jan Boris Möller. :-D

"Det här får jag betalt för att skriva. Men det gör ju inget, för jag använder Operas vävläsare ändå."

  • Datum: 2010-11-09 14.53.34 CET
  • Namn: Peter Krefting
  • Sänt från: *******

Med skillnaden att jag inte får betalt för att skriva, kanske. Fast i och för sig så skrev jag den på arbetstid...

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