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Twenty years as a wrestling fan

Published: Saturday 2010-04-03.

My parents bought a parabolic dish some time during the spring of 1990. It was at the time where Sweden only had two terrestrial channels from Sveriges Television, which made it very exciting to get access to channels from across Europe (and the world). One of my first discoveries was the American show wrestling. Both Eurosport and Sky One was airing WWF’s show wrestling programmes (now known as WWE). I was hooked, and still am (and, yes, I know the results are all pre-determined, thank you).

Since I am a bit of a statistics nerd, I started writing down all the results from the main events. It started in a note book, which became a simple BASIC program on my Commodore 64, for later to become a text file on a PC, which I uploaded to a couple of local BBSes when I got access to a modem. When I created my first web site in 1995, it was transformed into a popular sub-website under the name of American Wrestling Trivia. I have never really cared about keeping track over visitors per day, but I did get a lot of comments on the site from its visitors.

Since show wrestling never really have been that popular in Scandinavia, I have at times had problems watching the programming. When Sky One got encrypted and Eurosport stopped airing them I mostly watched on German TV, but I no longer had access to that when I moved out and had cable TV instead of satellite. Finally I lost a bit of steam, and stopped updating. But now my interest has been renewed again. The new Eurosport has started airing WWE again, and one of TV 2 Norway’s side-channels have started airing a cut-down version of Raw on Saturday nights. So now I have slowly started adding results again. It is far from complete for the time after 2005, but I am working on updating all of it. Nowadays, this information is available in several places, like on Wikipedia, but it is still fun to keep a web site which has a history spanning twenty years alive.

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Hur står det till med Wrestleweasel, nuförtiden?

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Wrestlevessel? Jag har inte hört av honom på ett par år. Det är säkert till det bästa.

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