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In my blog, I write about the general unfairness of life, about spam mail, vintage computers, board games, Norwegians, current and not-so-current affairs, technology and whatever else occurs to me — in other words, a glorious mess. All opinion expressed here are of course my own, and all similarities with any living people is of course intentional.

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The dangers of trusting your search engine

Published: Friday 2010-02-12.

It is so stupid that you don’t think it is true, but one never stops being amazed – if you had an account on Facebook and wanted to log in, how would you do? Would you go to (directly using your browser’s address field, or indirectly through a bookmark) and log in, or would you go to Google to search for it, every time? Apparently what most people do is to search, despite the address being incredibly simple, it is even enough to type (without the dubyah-dubyah-dubyah) to get in.

So, what happens then if, by a fluke, a page that does not belong to Facebook appear on top of the search results when people search for facebook login? One would think that people would understand that they got the wrong page, but judging from the comments it seems that is difficult. Suddenly I understand how phishing can work…

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