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Published: Monday 2009-11-16.

Yesterday I saw 2012, the new doomsday movie from Roland Emmerich, the director of The Day After Tomorrow. If you have seen The Day After Tomorrow, you know what to expect, that is, a world falling apart and a lot of people panicking and trying to survive, but this time at an even bigger scale, with a bigger budget. And, fortunately, without abysmal subtitling, like last time.

In 2009, a number of scientists discover that the Earth is overheating from within due to changes in the solar radiation. An international programme is secretly set into motion for saving (a small part of) humanity. In 2012, the last year of the sixth cycle according to the Mayan calendar, it becomes apparent that the scientists were right – the Earth is really going to go under, and it is doing it with style. Will humanity have time to save itself?

Well, what can one say? If one ignore all the pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo and accept the events in the film, it is quite entertaining. I am not quite sure if you are supposed to be laughing when the main character is on the brink of getting killed by a gigantic earthquake, but it is just so exaggeratedly carried out that it is difficult not to. But it is just because it is carried through in such an exaggerated manner that it is entertaining. I agree with Dagsavisen’s reviewer on how it will be difficult to outdo this movie in special effects. It is really an orgy in exaggerated special effects, in top HD quality. The pictures are a feast for the eye, whereas the script and the acting perhaps is not so much so.

But nevertheless, definitely worth watching.

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