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A losing battle(star)

Published: Wednesday 2009-07-29.

Lately, I have been playing one board game more than others. Especially Allan & co., I have been playing Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, a game based on the TV series. I do like the TV series a lot, so much that I have as much of it on DVD as have been released so far (and am eagerly awaiting the release of the final half of season four), and I love the game, even if games based on other things are generally a bad idea.

The game mechanics is quite similar to the game Shadows over Camelot, released a few years ago. It is basically a co-operative game where everyone is working together on fighting evil (the Cylons), except, of course, for the players that are Cylons, and who either are Cylons from the beginning of the game, or become one later on. The co-operativeness combined with the occasional backstabbing is what makes the game so interesting and fun.

…even though I lose all the time. I have played somewhere around six or seven games so far, and in every single game but one the Cylons have won and I have been a human. In the last game, I was a Cylon (and the president from the start of the game, to add to that), but then the humans managed to win despite my repeated attempts at breaking morale. So I have yet to win.

Perhaps that is why I keep playing it? Nah. I do like the game, quite a lot, and will probably try to pick up a copy when I go to the Essen game fair in October.

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