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The Wrestler

Published: Thursday 2009-02-26.

I went to the cinema the day before last. It was, for quite obvious reasons, a while since last time, but Thea had friends over and I was “unwanted”, so I took the opportunity to get out and watch The Wrestler. I do like wresting, so it was a nice fit, plus that it has received very good criticism, and the leading actor Mickey Rourke was nominated for the best male leading actor at the Oscars last week.

Randy “The Ram” Robinson is an old wrestler who had his hey-day in the 1980s. He won the championship belt, was written about in all the big wrestling magazines and even had his own computer game. But since then it has gone downhill, when we meet him he is wrestling in local shows in the weekends and is a stockroom worker in the weekdays, but he still doesn’t earn enough to live anywhere but in a “trailer park”. But after a large change in life, we get to see how he tries to get out of his misery, all the way to the end of the film where he finally realizes what is most important to him.

The Wrestler is a very good movie, on several layers. It could have been over-the-top and full of clichés, but Mickey Rourke manages to portait the lead roll without taking it too far, and he has received positive comments from several active wrestlers about how it is a realistic portrait. It is a portrait of a human trying to find himself, and is definitely worth seeing.

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