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Published: Thursday 2009-01-29.

Setting up a Subversion server is quite complicated. Setting up a Subversion server that runs through Apache is not trivil either. Setting up a Subversion server that runs through Apache, on a Windows machine that authenticates through a Windows domain is quite a piece of work. And to in addition install Python, Python bindings for Subversion, mod_python and ViewVC, then we are talking about a couple of hours work… The actual moving of data from the old server to the new one was at least easy to do.

I much prefer Debian, there I could have installed everything through Aptitude (even if I would still have had to configure it). But for private use, I prefer Git, here you do not need any complicated server at all.

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  • Date: 2009-01-30 22.13.13 CET
  • Name: Arve
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Det er noe pussig med innlegget ditt: Jeg ser litt engelsk, og litt svensk:

«on a Windows machine that authenticates är en hel del jobbthrough a Windows domain is quite a piece of work»

  • Datum: 2009-01-31 22.30.00 CET
  • Namn: Peter Krefting
  • Sänt från: *****

Takk, har fikset den engelske versjonen nå. Ett klipp&lim-feil.

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