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Reflections from a Swede in Norway.

Here you will find my small graffiti board where I write about things I come to think about.

In my blog, I write about the general unfairness of life, about spam mail, vintage computers, board games, Norwegians, current and not-so-current affairs, technology and whatever else occurs to me — in other words, a glorious mess. All opinion expressed here are of course my own, and all similarities with any living people is of course intentional.

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Average Joe

Published: Saturday 2009-01-24.

My brother has started blogging, without telling me. Or, well, he called today to brag about it. Today he writes about how he has become a real average Joe, something I think seems to have something to do with becoming an adult. Personally, I have spent the day with one of my wife’s childhood friends visiting with her family (full speed with their 1½- and 4½-year-olds), watched (parts of) both Norway’s and Sweden’s matches in the handball world championships, seen the first semifinal of Norway’s Eurovision Song Contest qualifiers and been assembling Ikea furniture. Can you be more average Joe than that? The “adult points” just keep on pouring in…

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  • Dato: 2009-01-25 00.04.07 CET
  • Navn: Eira
  • Vevsted:
  • Sendt fra: ***************

Pøsj. Du er ikke ordentlig voksen før du har dessertgafler.

  • Datum: 2009-01-25 20.32.52 CET
  • Namn: redtop
  • Sänt från: ************

Ja det är väl dags med vuxenpoäng när man är över 30. För min generation var man vuxen vid 21.

  • Datum: 2009-01-25 23.13.03 CET
  • Namn: Peter Krefting
  • Sänt från: *****

Dessertgafler? Selvfølgelig har vi dessertgafler (de er bare ikke pakket opp)! Og finservise (brukt én gang så langt).

I somras var jag och Roger och handlade på Willys. Då upptäckte jag till min fasa att vi bägge hade munkjacka, blåa jeans samt svarta foppatofflor på oss. Det var sannerligen ett oplanerat medelsvenssonbeteende.

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