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NetCom Connect mobile broadband with Mac and Linux

Published: Wednesday 2008-11-26.

I received my birthday present on Saturday, and at the same time I got the 3G modem I ordered from NetCom. Of course, it only comes with software and an installation guide for Windows. After having dug around a bit on NetCom’s web site, I found a user guide for Mac OS X that actually worked perfectly fine. There was not much of information about Linux, but after having searched around for a bit I found “Vodafone Mobile Connect Card driver for Linux”, which supports the Huawei E220 modem used by NetCom, and that, despite the name, isn’t locked to Vodafone. I installed the software (I have replaced the Xandros installation on my Eee with Debian, so I used the Debian package directly), and it found the modem, found settings on the card and was up and running in less than five minutes. All I had to remember was to add myself to the dip group so that I was allowed to run the PPP- software.

So, now I have a working mobile broadband connection, both on Mac and Linux. I have yet to test it on Windows, but that ought to work as well…

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  • Datum: 2008-11-29 09.29.02 CET
  • Namn: / Rolf
  • Sänt från: *************

Grattis på födelsedagen från en annan som fyller år 29/11

  • Date: 2008-11-30 10.38.09 CET
  • Name: Per
  • Posted from: 80.232.91.***

Hei Jeg har en Eee med fluxflux (pclinux os) og ellers en HP tablet (HP1250) med gOS gadget. Vurderer å kjøpe et Netcom abonnement til min Eee og sende den avgårde med min sønn ut i militæret. Burde kanskje swir\tche over til eeeubuntu igjen, ihvertfall en Debian distro. Fint å høre at du fikk det til så greit :-)

  • Datum: 2008-11-30 19.41.33 CET
  • Namn: Peter Krefting
  • Sänt från: *****

Det fantes pakker for flere Linuxdistribusjoner for Vodafone-programmet, så det burde ikke være noe problem hvis den du bruker er basert på eller kan kjøre pakker fra en av distribusjonene som støttes. Dessuten var Huawei E220, som NetCom bruker, listet som en av de offisielt støttete 3G-modemene i håndboken til 901'eren, så det kanskje hadde virket også med standard-Xandrosdistribusjonen.

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