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Way to go CDon!

Published: Friday 2008-11-21.

CDon has taken the plunge and thrown out copy-protected music from its on-line shop, not a day too soon, especially not after all fiascos with activation services being closed down and when lawfully purchased music has become worthless (among others, music bought from Yahoo), whereas “pirate” copies has continued to work. Just like Itunes, they have had some music available without copy-protection, but now they are taking it all the way and are throwing out everything that cannot be copied. Hopefully they will throw out the remaining stock of protected CDs while they are at it.

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Mycket glädjande! Jag har köpt mp3-låtar flera gånger hos cdon, men aldrig en wma-fil. Jag tror att det här är helt rätt att gå, för nu skapas det ju lite tryck på de bolag som vägrar vara med och sälja mp3-filer. Dessutom tjänar ju cdon på det här eftersom belastningen på deras support/kundtjänst kommer att minska då man aldrig har några problem med mp3-filer. Kanonbra!!

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