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Published: Tuesday 2008-09-09.

I have finally got around to watch Wall·E, the latest animated movie from Pixar-Disney. Just like Ian I think that Pixar’s yearly animated feature-length film is one of the highlights of the year, and Wall·E was no exception. We were a week to early to see the film in Edinburgh this summer (so we went to see Kung fu panda instead), and when we went to Gothenburg last weekend we found that the Sweden premiere was a week later than the Norwegian premiere that was that weekend, so we didn’t get around to watch until Sunday. But it was well worth the wait.

Wall·E, is, it seems, the last functioning cleaning robot of the Waste Allocator Loader Lifter Earth Class, on a future polluted Earth were people have fled out into space. The big (evil?) megaconglomerate known as Buy-n-large, which seems to have taken over the economy of the entire world (or just the United States?) have finally figured that the consumer society had gone too far, and has thus initiated a five-year plan, where humans travel out in space while robots take care of cleaning up the planet. It didn’t quite work out as planned.

As noted, poor Wall·E is left on Earth, with a cockroach as only company, when suddenly a shiningly clean Eve robot show up. And in the years that Wall·E have been alone Wall·E’s program seems to have developed random bugs, which makes him capable of falling in love.

As always with Pixar movies, Wall·E is very well-made, in the first Earth scene it is difficult to tell that it is computer graphics, and having been able to make the sturdy robots be able to show feelings in the way they do is very well done. Besides a simple love story, the movie has a more important message in that we need to take care of the environment, and, perhaps, if you want to be a bit more cynical, that capitalism perhaps isn’t the answer to everything in the world, as some seem to think.


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The short-movie "Presto" was also incredibly funny, on par with "For the Birds" :)

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Undrar om man hinner se filmen innan jorden går under i morgon, onsdag.

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