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Power bike jorney

Published: Tuesday 2008-07-29.

This weekend I tried my strength in a way that I have been planning on doing since last year, I biked from Oslo to Helgelandsmoen outside Hønefoss (where Thea is for a couple of weeks) over the forest roads of “Nordmarka” – a distance of about 70 kilometres and with a height difference of about 400 metres (with both steep climbs and downhills along the way). This also became the premiere for my new mountain bike that I received as a morning gift from Thea. Quite a nice thing, even if I’m not quite used to biking without a foot brake yet.

[Me and Geir with bikes and a view of Langlivatnet]
Biking in Nordmarka, with Langlivatnet in the background.

The trip took seven and a half hours, but we would probably have arrived quite a bit earlier if my travel mate hadn’t been unfortunate enough to puncture no less than three times. While he had prepared by bringing extra tubes and repair equipment (which is more than I did), but he had thought that two extra tubes would be enough, so when the last puncture happened in one of the final long downhills we had to wait for help which came with a bike that we could borrow for him to finish the ride on.

[Geir fixes puncture number one]
Puncture number one.

It was a bit of a shame that we couldn’t just go let go in the last downhill, after having pedalled up to 450 metres above sea level, we were going down to about 65 in about three kilometres. There was a good potential for high speed, but instead we made it a slow decline, partly on foot.

But it was nice nevertheless, and I had a nice weekend. And took the bus home, but let’s not talk more about that…

Some more pictures.

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