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The weirdest problem in my history with PCs

Published: Friday 2008-06-13.

I had a weird hardware related problem this week, when I was about to install a new video card in my computer at work. I had previously received a new, nice, wide-screen LCD screen for it, a Benq G2200W, with a resolution of 1680×1050 pixels. The main drawback to a LCD screen compared to an old-style tube screen is that the picture doesn’t look very good when ran with a resolution that doesn’t match the screen, and the video card in the machine (built-in to the mainboard) didn’t want to output that specific mode. I could get 1280×800 wide-screen or 1280×1024 narrow-screen, and neither of those looked very good. So, to fix the problem, I was handed a new video card, but when I installed it I received a weird error message in the best form of Engrish:

[Have Option ROM can not be invoke (Vendor ID:1106h, Deivce ID:3149h)]
Note the grammar and spelling errors…

The error message seems to indicate that there are problems starting the hard disk controller, probably because some kind of weird collision between it and the video card. After having tried contacting customer service for both the manufacturer of the video card and the mainboard, I tried searching the net for the error message, and I am apparently not alone in having seen it. After having read through various various frustrated posts, I found this thread that suggested that the problem was in the MS-DOS emulation for USB mice and keyboards.

And, they were right, when I disabled it in the BIOS, it worked. I have seen many weird errors in PC hardware, but I think this one takes first place…

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  • Datum: 2008-06-13 15.45.41 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från: ******

Vad kan man begära av en datorarkitektur från 1981 som vartefter tiden gått lappats på bit för bit? ;-) Jo, jag vet att det är inte helt sant men det låter bra.

För övriga läsares kännedom: Bara för att jag skrev så innebär det absolut inte att jag är en Mac-människa, snarare tvärtom. Speciellt som Apple nu också övergått till X86-hårdvara såpass likt PC att man med små medel lär kunna köra Windows på en Mac.

Apropå datorer avvaktar jag leveransen av en ny server till jobbet, den ska komma på måndag enligt budfirman. Då vet jag vad jag ska ägna mig åt i midsommarveckan... :-D

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